A Sunday Morning Playlist - A Moment of Stillness

Before getting into the coaching and personal development world I worked in the music industry for a decade. I had an A&R gig where I’d sign and help develop artists and managed artists. For a 10 year stretch my life was consumed by music. Hundreds of shows, thousands of demos to find something really special and countless discussions and drinks with my colleagues at MapleMusic Recordings (best team ever) who taught me way more than I could have imagined. Such a great moment in my life. I still get to dabble in the music industry doing some coaching and leadership work with artists and labels across North America which has been an amazing experience.

I started putting together the Sunday Morning Playlist with one goal. I would put out 40 playlists from Autumn 2018 to 2019. I wanted to do something fun that would be visible and keep me committed to following through. 40 for 40 years on this planet.

What I got out of it was a discovery of so much new music, rediscovery of music I had forgotten and getting to collaborate with some amazing friends on curating playlists. Thank-you Audra, Alyssa, Jenn, Bryton, Darryl, Graeme and Stephen. I think my favorite part of the whole experience was designing covers.

Doing something like this affords me a lot of opportunity for trial and error. Some interesting ideas have been percolating so the next installment is going to be bigger and involve more conversations and creative opportunities.

This 40th playlist is of some of my favorite discovery and rediscovery moments of the past year.

A Sunday Morning Playlist - 040
A Moment of Stillness