A Sunday Morning Playlist - Curated by Graeme Mathieson

I’m super honoured to have my friend and creative extraordinaire Graeme Matheson curate A Sunday Morning Playlist.

Graeme is a creative, cool and thoughtful leader. Kind of guy you can have some deep conversations and throw a few drinks back with. Graeme is the creative director of one of the best media agencies in Toronto, captain of the long running Hoolies soccer squad and the uber talented deejay Gramera responsible for co-creating some of the most influential musical night in Toronto (Rebel Hop, Stolen Souls).

Graeme has dug into his vast crates of amazing music and put together an amazing playlist around some of his favourites spanning no limits.

Graeme’s words:

“Traveling across the decades, and through distant places, a little eclectic musical journey. No genres and every genre here, and all music for the soul.”

Playlist link

Rebel Hop

Graeme Mathieson

Graeme Mathieson