A Sunday Morning Playlist - Curated By Darryl Webster

It’s such an honour to have one of my closest friends Darryl Webster curate a playlist. Darryl is one of the most kind hearted, ambitious and creative people you’ll meet. He is a true story teller. The lead singer of Sunriser and his solo project Old Kid.

A few years ago he wrote a book about the Manchester City football supporters clubs across the world. He travelled across the US, Iceland, UAE, Europe, Asia and South America to tell interesting stories about community. That’s who Darryl has always been through his work and the people that get to know him.

Darryl has a new Old Kid album coming out this Fall called “Tell Me Everything” with a lead single ‘Maybe It’s Time Again’ out now and available here or through Spotify. Check out his band Sunriser as well.

About the Playlist….
Darryl describes this as a playlist of nights out in our mid-20’s at the British themed club nights in Toronto.
This brings back a lot of great memories of UKULA, Blowup, Dance Cave and basement dive bar at Augusta and College I can’t remember the name of anymore.

A Sunday Morning Playlist (031) - Curated by Darryl Webster aka. Old Kid
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