A Sunday Morning Playlist - Curated by Jenn Best

A Sunday Morning Playlist - 033
Curated by: Jenn Best
Playlist link: A Sunday Morning Thirty Three

I’m honoured to have my good friend Jenn Best guest curate this week.
Jenn is one of the most courageous and creative people I’ve ever met.

She is an incredible entrepreneur. An amazing artist, embodiment and intimacy coach and a badass business woman. Having overcome some really tough health challenges she uses her intuitive and healing abilities have helped so many people women and men heal.

I met Jenn in Toronto when she owned a tea shop/workspace in my old neighbourhood. A few years after that we both moved to new ventures and lost touch for a while as happens when your lives take you to new ventures. About three years ago, my friend Danielle was visiting from LA and brought me to an incredible retreat where I randomly reconnected with Jenn.

I’m constantly inspired by her ambition and power to overcome so much and turn that into making a huge difference for so many people with her and coaching work.

Check out more of Jenn’s journey at Jennbestinc.com

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