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One-on-one coaching ensures the content and skills that we deliver across the board are put into practice. The one-on-one coaching process identifies individual goals, measures of success, and the innovative/actionable steps needed to achieve these goals.

This provides:
• An individualized project plan that is tracked on a recurring weekly basis
• Tools to create powerful work/life integration
• An unbiased support and accountability partner
• Weekly practice areas to put personal and professional growth goals to work
• 60-minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions (in-person, by phone or video chat)


The small group coaching process identifies team goals, a space to practice powerful speaking and listening skills.

This provides:
• Individualized and group project plans that are tracked bi-weekly
• Tools to support authentic communication and powerful listening development
• Support that helps team members get present to larger commitments on a regular basis
• Provides structure and accountability for implementing new deep learning
• 90-minute bi-weekly/monthly sessions (in-person, by phone or video chat)

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Hungry Hearts workshops are designed to uniquely cater to your team and organizations. Workshops are curated in mini pop-ups, half day and full day experiences. We won’t bore you to death with powerpoints or cut and pasted workbooks.

What we deliver:

The most thoughtful professional and personal growth workshops that are unique to the strengths / challenges of each person and organization. Sample themes include:

  • Building authentic connection through conversation

  • Balancing business outcomes and wellbeing

  • Being both a human being and a business creator

  • Strength and Vulnerability can co-exist

  • Integration: A thriving work/life culture


Spot Coaching is one-on-one 30 minute power coaching sessions for support team members on development goals and challenges. Coaching will be open-enrollment to all team members who are interested and participants will bring their goals and challenges to the session. Credits are purchased in packages with each credit having a 30-minute value.

• An individualized project plan that is tracked by session
• An unbiased place to discuss challenges and get support
• A safe space to practice difficult conversations on professional & personal growth
• Provides structure and accountability for implementing new learning
• 30-minute weekly/bi-weekly allotted sessions (in-person, by phone or video chat)