Before I started working with Nelson, I knew I wasn’t an experienced CEO, but I thought I knew what my faults were. It wasn’t until after we worked together that I really learned the areas I needed to focus on. 

More importantly, Nelson taught me how to work on these problem areas,
take leaps of faith when needed, and become the leader I needed and wanted to be.

Ladan D, Los Angeles, CA 

“Nelson helped me overcome some serious personal boundaries I was putting in front of myself in my career.
I left each of our sessions feeling creatively inspired and fuelled.
He creates an environment that allows for a deep dive into what’s really going on with each individual person and caters all of his recommendations to the individual needs of each client.

Best of all, he has an uncanny ability to cut through
the usual BS that many people feel comes with a “traditional” coach.
I’d recommend him to any and every one experiencing change in their career, or looking to make a change.” 

-Caitie D, Toronto, ON

“I always leave my sessions with Nelson feeling invigorated and with a renewed sense of confidence .  
I’m a very private person and I don’t like to talk about myself but Nelson
has such a relaxed and easy going vibe that before I know it I'm talking openly and freely.

Nelson helped me take a deep look at myself and helped me see the
potential and self-confidence I didn’t think I had.” 

-Steve L, Toronto, ON

Nelson is your constant pillar of support.
There to lean on whenever you need an ear or some motivation.
He helps you find perspective, strength and courage. 

Because of Nelson, I remembered how to believe in myself. 
I am so grateful for the tools I gained from my time with Nelson.
Everyday since then, I am confident and in control.
This is an experience everyone should have at some point in their life.
Its is nothing but positive, inspiring and addictive.''

-Holly R, Melbourne, AU

“Working with Nelson opened up a whole new perspective that I had never had before. Having someone

that isn’t a parent, significant other, friend or colleague help guide you through
struggles, strategies and triumphs is amazing.

There is no one else that I would rather have as a guide in this capacity of my life.

Nelson not only pushes you, but he guides you to find the answers that you are looking for. 
His insight and perspective have truly helped me take the next step in my life and help me take the necessary steps to achieve the life I truly want to live.

Nelson is great at what he does, and I love the work that we do together.”

Bryton U, Calgary, AB

I began to work with Nelson during a period of significant transition in my life that also included severe health

challenges. I had been hiding just how much I was struggling out of fear and a loss of confidence. I wasn't able to fully see or appreciate how far I had come, my talents, skills or gifts.

Nelson put me on the path of rebuilding my confidence,

belief in myself, healing and stepping fully into who I am innately and authentically. I don't believe I would be where I am today both personally and professionally if it wasn't for our paths crossing, his guidance, compassion and his leadership. He is honest, direct and caring. He is in his element as a leadership coach, and it is apparent through working with him that he does this work from his heart!

-Jennifer B, New York, NY

“In my time working with Nelson, he has been a huge stand for me
to realize my full potential and greatness. 

Through our coaching I have created breakthroughs in confidence, relationships, my well-being,
and in creating the career that I've always wanted. 

I can't recommend him enough.  He is someone who makes a difference.”

-Vishan C, New York, NY

“In my partnership with Nelson I created the life of my dreams.
I stepped out of my comfort zone, became a bold leader, left my corporate boring job and quickly replaced my income while finding so much more fulfillment in my work and personal life”.

Spencer J, New York, NY